Our jewellery collections

Our choice of jewellery includes diverse lines, as there are LuxXL, etNox and Story of O . Each line offers exciting designs. Most items are made of sterling silver, some are made of stainless steel, ceramic, titanium or tungsten. Within these lines you will find many different styles like modern, timeless, fancy, gothic, Celtic, fantasy, fetish, masculine, et al. for different preferences, different ages, and different budgets.

- ECHT Schmuck & Design -
the wholesaler for silver and stainless steel jewellery!

Welcome with Echt Schmuck & Design.

Besides extraordinary designs and high quality for a fair price we offer a high supply availability and a very quick service. This means we will work on your order within 24 hours after receipt. Please note that we have a minimum of 100,00 Euro only for your first order.

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